Thursday, August 14, 2014

Avery's Big(ger) Girl Room

Well, as I mentioned not too long ago, Avery's room has received a makeover recently.  It was time to move up from a toddler bed to a big-girl bed, so I took the opportunity to do some re-decorating!  While I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED her old "big-girl room", I also LOVE the way her "big(ger)-girl room" came out, too!
The color scheme for the room came from the fabric I showed you here.  She loves owls, and I loved the colors, so it was win-win!  I knew I still wanted to use a lot of the vintage elements from her old room, so together, we picked out her favorite items (perhaps with just a tiny bit of guidance from me about which items matched the color scheme!) and worked them into the room.  I think the result is a really nice mix of vintage as well as modern and girly!
And so, onto the tour!
 Here's the view as you enter.
 Farther on into the room...
Wrapping counter-clockwise towards the window...
 The window wall...
 And continuing counter-clockwise to the closet wall...  (the door is just out of view on the right side of the photo)
The bed is the Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed, available lots of different places.  It was so difficult to settle on a bed- there are just not that many loft beds that are feminine!  So I settled on just going with a pretty generic white bed, knowing I would pretty it up with the bedding and the tent underneath.
 The stuffed animal net is a life-saver up in that corner!  The hot-pink duvet was on clearance from Target.
 Here's a closer look at the gallery wall above her bed.  She chose the photos to go into the two frames.
 Here's a peek underneath the bed.   There are cubbies all around to store toys, as well as her CD player (with Psalty CD's on constant rotation!  This girl loves her music!) and a couple of nightlights.  She sleeps under here as often as she sleeps up above!
This little dresser holds her play makeup and dress-up accessories.
The new dresser came from Rooms-To-Go.  Since her bed was white, I felt like she needed a colorful dresser to brighten up a the room a bit more.  And of course there's the dollhouse I found at Goodwill!
 I knew I wanted to do a cluster of lanterns and poufs- too many hours spent in front of Pinterest to resist this cute trend!
 This shadowbox was mine as a child.  And a lot of the items inside were mine as well! 
A mirror hung at just her height to check her hair!
 A sweet doll crib to hold all the handmade dollies.
 I had to keep the giant paper doll from her old room- it was one of my favorite elements!
 And Avery definitely wanted to keep the kitty wall hanging!
I repainted some of these shelves to match the new color scheme.
A closer look at the shadowbox (I used to collect teddy bears when I was young, so all the bears were from me!)
 I've always kept this doll closet on top of the piano, and it worked out that way in here, too!  The kids love this piano, and play it all the time...
Sweet dolly bunk beds...
 A closer look at some of the handmade dolls.
She wanted to keep the little school desk, and of course, I didn't argue! 
 The Bradley dolls are from various thrift shops (except for one which used to be mine), and she gets a Madame Alexander doll for her birthday every year.
 The owl canvas was on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and I made the navy and white "frame" to go around it.  I also made the felt garland to match the colors in the room.
 I try to decorate the kids' rooms in a way that allows their "kid stuff" to fit in just as much as the "decorator-y" stuff!
The rubber puppy is actually a nightlight.
 A closer look at the lanterns- I'm in love with the fabric on the turquoise one!
Sweet toy chest with a cardboard pegasus, of course!
 Hooks are also from Hobby Lobby...
 The hot pink bulletin board is from Ross, and hung at a height for her to reach.
 That windmill on the dresser was from a thrift store.  The blades wind up to play music, and the inside lights up as a nightlight and glows such a pretty pink!
The kitty paint-by-number was also thrifted. 
 I of course had to include this little doll dress that matched the color scheme so well!
And one last look at the new room!
Thanks for looking- let me know if you have any questions about sources, etc.!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a beautiful room. So many pretty vintage touches. I especially love how you have incorporated some of your childhood pieces in there too. Such a charming color palette too. Definitely magazine worthy!!

PS. Josie's room has its moments of looking pretty, but lately it has turned into one big Legos village. I've been wanting to keep the door closed when I come home from work because it's so messy. A project tackle before the school year gets underway!!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

It's magical! Every little detail is perfect for your special girl! ;)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Avery's big girl room is absolutely adorable! I love all the vintage treasures you've displayed in her room. And the loft bed with a special play area underneath is such a good idea! The two of you make a great decorating team. Thanks for sharing!

elizabeth ann clawson said...

Thanks for showing what was in the tent :) how fun is that room! I loved all of it.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love Avery's big(ger) girl room! It is so cute and girly and vintage and fun! I wish my boys would let me decorate their room, but they love it the way it is, which is just a bunch of Mario posters all over the walls. haha!

Gail said...

Oh my word, it's just darling! Our dd is about to turn 14 so we're in transition too. I knew when she was a baby that I wanted a "vintage" room for her, I still do.
But she's at that age where she wants to put her own stamp on it, and that's as it should be. Do I like her having certain posters on her wall? No I don't but it's her room and I think every child should feel happy when they walk into "their" space. Avery's is adorable!

Simply Shelley said...

It's a darling room. One your little miss is going to have lots of fun in I'm sure. The color choices are great. The whole room is just precious. Blessings friend

Unknown said...

Hi i found a picture on pintrest that has the bunny in the cot!

Meg x

Two Moms and a Gma said...

Omg *I* want Avery's room. I love it ALLLLLL. and I need to find a shadow box for Carol's room and all of her little figurines she likes to keep.