Monday, January 12, 2015

Rich Dollhouse with Yellow Shutters Tour

 Well, it's time for another dollhouse tour!  This one is a sweet Rich Dollhouse that my mother got from an estate sale for me a couple years ago.  It always takes me a while to furnish my houses, to get all the details done, but finally, this one is ready!
I'm going to name this family the Tiny's because they are very small- Dad's only about 4" tall.  They are such an interesting group of dolls- I haven't seen any others like them- I believe they must have been handmade.  The heads are handpainted clay, and the bodies seem to be painted tape wrapped around wire.  And they've got adorable handmade clothes!
But anyway, enough talk about how they are made, let's meet them, shall we?  In our family, we have Father Tiny, Mother Tiny, Big Sister Tiny, Little Brother Tiny, as well as their Housekeeper/Nanny.  Hmmm, I just noticed how Father Tiny's hand is reaching quite close to Housekeeper/Nanny's hand- I wonder if perhaps there's more to the story than I realized...!
 We'll begin in the kitchen.  Father and Mother are sitting down to have some sweets at the table.
 The children are due home any minute, and the grown-ups would like to have a little peace and quiet before they come through the door!
 Mother Tiny would like to point out her beautiful Dol-Toi appliances and the kitchen-themed decals she applied to the walls herself.
 Aaah! The children are home.  And just as Mother and Father have set down for their tea!
 Little Brother is already climbing on the couch, and Big Sister is pestering Mother.  "Housekeeper/Nanny!  Please take these children upstairs so we may have our tea in peace!"  The Tiny's won't be winning any Parent of the Year awards, I'm afraid!
 Finally, some quiet to finish their tea.  Father remarks that he likes Mother's new decorating scheme of mis-matched fabrics on all the furniture and curtains.  "It's quite....eclectic...., isn't it?" he says.
 Upstairs, the children are going wild in the bedroom- riding bikes and running around!
 They're even jumping on Mother and Father's bed!
 Housekeeper/Nanny directs them to sit on their beds nicely so that we can view the room in peace!  As you can see, the children don't have a separate room from their parents, so they all must share.  Perhaps that's why Mother and Father are so quick to dismiss the children- they have to put up with them all night long!
 Finally, onto the bathroom.  Housekeeper/Nanny decides that the children can have their bath.  
 She'd like to point out that she was not consulted about the very PINK bathroom- that was Mother's decision, obviously.  Frankly, both Housekeeper/Nanny and Father think the room reminds them of Pepto-Bismol!
"Let me help you take off your shoes, Little Brother, so that we can get you in the bath!" 
And now let's give the children some privacy as they get cleaned up!  We can take one last look at each of the rooms...
 The "decals" are really just printouts from the computer that I taped up to the wall, but I love the vintage, homemade vibe it gives the kitchen!
I think this may be the only house I've done without a fireplace!  But the piano takes its place rather nicely, I think.  And although Mr. Tiny may have been a little sarcastic with his comments about the mismatched fabrics, I actually quite like the "eclectic" look!
 This adorable handmade bed came with the two handmade dressers.  Such a cute little set made by some mother and father years ago!
This is the first bathroom set I have with a shower!  I'm not sure whether it was original to the tub, or added by the former owner, but I love it!
And so we bid the Tiny's farewell!  We hope you've enjoyed the tour of their home as much as they enjoyed having you!  (Between you and me, I think Mrs. Tiny may need to keep an eye on her husband and Housekeeper/Nanny from now on though!!)


Musings from Kim K. said...

This post has totally made my night. A super long day and I was going to close the laptop but decided to check blogs real quick. So glad I did!! This dollhouse is perfection and I'm completely smitten with the family. What fun you've had. Another sweet transformation. I'm not sure which room is my favorite, but I'm loving the fabrics in the living room and the kitchen is quite charming. Well done!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...
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Rose Garden Romantic said...

It's all so cute, Corey! I love every little bit, especially your commentary throughout the tour! haha!
Michelle xo

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I'm always highly entertained when you introduce us to a new family, Corey!! Your attention to detail is just amazing to me and the stories you tell have me laughing out loud! Thanks so much for sharing your newly finished house with us. :o)

Did you happen to see section on dollhouses in the latest issue of Country Living? I think they need to feature your collection.


Patti said...

This is a super fun post for me, in every way. I just last week found my first miniature doll house at the Goodwill! It is adorable! And, I did order some furniture from Ebay, too. I do love the pink bathroom, actually, and the surround the tub. The boys legs sticking up on the parents bed is hysterical! Love your vintage house!