Monday, October 01, 2012

(Doll) House Tour!

 Well, I have finally finished decorating my first Keystone dollhouse!  While I'm sure it will change somewhat (I'm never satisfied, and am always rearranging!), this is where things stand today.  Above you see the little family that inhabits this house.  I haven't named them as yet, so for now they are Father, Mother, Big Sister, Little Sister, and Baby.

 A closer view of our family.  Big Sister and Little Sister both had different clothes originally.  For various reasons, I needed to revamp their wardrobes, and now I think they look quite cute!

 First we'll look at the living room.  Big Sister is practicing her piano while Father listens and relaxes.  Looking at this photo, I see that I should probably repaint the front door.  I had to manufacture a new one, since the house was missing it, and this gray doesn't look very good...

 This chair and ottoman are some of my favorite pieces!  I love the overstuffed look of them!  And who can argue with a mint green grand piano?

 Father especially likes the majestic ship made of shells on his mantle!

 Now into the dining room.  Little Sister is helping Mother set the table.

 Mother loves her pretty blue plate that is propped above her hutch!

 Mother has moved into the kitchen to prepare some tea.

 Looks like she has some dish-washing to attend to as well!

 In here she displays the mugs that match her blue plate from the dining room!

 Upstairs the girls have gone up to the nursery.  Baby is just waking up from her nap!

 Little Sister would like to show you her very own dollhouse!

 And Big Sister is trying to entertain Baby with some wooden toys.

 Here's a look at their pretty bedding and curtains!

 Little Sister would now like to show you their tiny bathroom.

 Just enough room for a toilet and a sink, and of course an ironing board!

 Finally up to the master bedroom.  Father has laid down for a nap...

 Oops!  We woke him up!

 Mother is very proud of the curtains she made for the room.

 And she also loves her little vanity!

Here is a look at all the rooms together!  As you can tell, I don't try to keep all the furniture by the same company.  It is quite the mix and match of pieces.  But I love it that way!  And you can also probably tell that if I see dollhouse pieces with a cute decal on them, I buy them!  Those are my favorite pieces of all!

I hope you've enjoyed our little tour!  If you'd like to read about the story behind this house, you can do that here.  There will be more tours to follow as I finish some of the other houses I have.  I'm getting very close on my 1906 house and my first Rich house.  But you know what that means- it means I'll be needing some more houses to fill up soon!  I am someone who normally becomes easily obsessed with things, but boy, this dollhouse obsession has taken even me by surprise- it is amazing how addicting it is!!!


Gina said...

Love the tour, Corey! All the details are wonderful and I'm in love with family. I can't wait for the other houses!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Fabulous details. Love the shell ship on fireplace mantle and the darling toys in the children's bedroom. Where did you get your doll house family? I'd love one for my keystone dollhouse.

Anonymous said...

of course i love the baby's room!

Diane Mars said...

Darling love all the Vintage sweet Smalls throughout!

Simply Shelley said...

I had a wonderful time playing in your doll house....makes me want one for myself :) Can't wait to tour the others...blessings

vintage grey said...

Absolutely beautiful, and that blue floral plate and vase are so sweet!! I want to come play! xo Heather

OliversForest said...

Ah...the pink crib, the darling kitchen, the little blue plate in the dining room and the potty! Love it!