Wednesday, November 07, 2012

1906 Dollhouse Tour, Part 2

Alrighty, we are on to the second story of my 1906 dollhouse tour now.  If you missed it, the first floor tour is here

The first room is the master bedroom.  There really wasn't any furniture that came with this room originally, so I was able to start from scratch- fun!  It was very peach, as you can see!

And here is the makeover!  This may be my favorite room of the house, because I love the pink furniture so much.  So, so cute with the little  flowers painted on!

Mother is holding the baby while another kitten plays on the bed.  The chair Mother's sitting in is a more modern one, I believe, but it matches so well, I don't mind.

The beaded curtain came with the house.
A closer look at that sweet painted furniture!
Next we have the stair landing.  My computer's giving me problems, so I can't crop in on the above photo, but you can see that the original stairwell didn't have much.
This is the only room in which I kept the original wallpaper.  I did add the yellow painted wall beneath though, just so there wasn't so much blue.  For the time being, I've also kept the grandfather clock and bookcase in the back corners.  They are inexpensive pieces from probably the eighties, but they fill the space nicely until I can find some older substitutions.
The room acts as a little sitting room, as well as a play area for the toddler.  I love so many of the pieces in this room- the green dresser, the playpen, and the satin chairs.
Grandmother is watching the toddler while reading a book.  She also has a little sewing basket next to her chair for some mending or knitting.  And yet another couple of puppies are playing in here as well! 
A little closer look!
And finally, we have the outside deck.  Above is the original version.
Here is the update.  Red Sister and Blue Sister are playing out here with one of the dogs. 
While I liked the original deck furniture, I bought these pieces that are a fairly large scale, and they fit really well out here.  So maybe I'll use the original pieces with another house at some point. 
The other big change is that I covered the original plywood floor with this stone-work.  It's very realistic, and I think it looks more natural than the wood did.  Aren't the rose decals on the furniture pretty?
So there we have the second floor of the tour.  Still to come is the final third floor, with the nursery and the bathroom- both very fun rooms!  I hope you're enjoying this tour! 


Musings from Kim K. said...

Swoon. I am in love. That beaded curtain in the master bedroom is fantastic. You have so many special details. I can't wait to show this post to Emma.

Simply Shelley said...

Cute...cute...smiles all the way :) Keep sharing...Blessings

Diane said...

Wow! You sure have the cute stuff!

My Vintage Mending said...

I'm moving in...all those decals are perfect...smiles..Renee

Diane said...

P.S. I thought I would add that I have the same bookcase that is in your stair landing. I bought it new in the 1970s. The grandfather clock looks very similar to mine too so
I would date that as also from the 70s. If you want to check, I posted pictures last month of both on my blog.

OliversForest said...

Wow, so amazed at all of the tiny details! Love it!

iHanna said...

OMG, Corey, what a beautiful treassure this is. Thanks for all the images, totally made me smile and want to play doll house again. :-)