Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1906 Dollhouse Tour, Part 3

Okay, we are on to the last part of my dollhouse tour- the third floor!  To see the first two floors, see here and here.
If you look at the photos of the whole dollhouse (at the end of this post), you can see that the third floor appears to possibly have been added at a later date.  The size of rooms is slightly different than on the the other floors, and the trimwork is also a little different.  Regardless though, I'm glad to have the two extra rooms, because they are two of my favorites!
 The first is the nursery.  Above you can see it the way it came to me.  Definitely some cute things, but not quite as cute as I'd like.  And so I changed it to this:
I showed you the above picture a couple months ago.  I loved the way the nursery came out; however, it has changed once again!
 Now it looks like this!  I found this pink furniture and fell in love with it.  But it's pretty large in scale and wouldn't fit into any of my other dollhouses.  Since this room is so large, it made sense to move it in here.
 There are two beds up here for the big sisters, a crib for the toddler, and a play table as well.
 I absolutely love that dresser!
 And you know I love those decals on the crib and the rocker!
The last room in the tour is the bathroom.  The bathroom furniture is originally what attracted me to this house- it was the first I had seen of Strombecker furniture, and I fell in love!
 Here it is as it came to me- so sweet!
 As you can see, really the only change I made was to the wallpaper (in this photo, the reflection is a little strong on the paper).
 This is really wrapping paper, but it reminded me so much of the kind of wallpaper you'd see in your grandmother's home!
 Mother is busy pretty-ing up at the vanity table!
 And a cute little toilet vignette for our last shot!
 I thought I'd also show you some photos of the whole house put together. It's so large, it's a bit hard to get good perspective on the whole thing, so I tried to take several photos!
And here are the things that reside on top of the house right now!  It serves as a nice display shelf!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tour!   I've had such fun decorating this house- it's nice to have internet friends to share it with, since the people in my "real life" just think I'm crazy- ha ha!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Oh my goodness. It's just gorgeous. You really have a lovely collection of furniture. I will be showing this to my girls later tonight. Your transformations are perfect.

PS. I have a Thanksgiving dollhouse post today.

My Vintage Mending said...

I had no idea that the little kewpie dolls had that J. Chien. Corey these are simple the most adorable additions. I would hire you to decorate in a minute...thank you so much for the smiles..Renee

Diane Mars said...

Darling with a capital"D" I think you did a lovely job and each and every change you made is outstanding! Keep up the great work! Hugs, Diane

Unknown said...

Oh, my gosh, that pink furniture is so cute, and the little children in their room is precious. You make me want to go home and play with my dollies! :-)

Unknown said...

I just love the baby nursery!


Material Girl said...

wooow just amazing. is a perfect house. I really would like to get one like this but I can imagine how work you have done...
if you want you can visit my blog

Sew Grown said...

I finally got my own doll house. You have been inspiring this in me for years now:). It's not vintage but still a great renovation project. I linked you on my site.