Saturday, March 17, 2012

Avery's Big Girl Room

Little Miss Avery would like to introduce you to her "new" big girl room!  

As you may remember, we sold our crib, and I also moved her changing table into the bathroom to free up some space.  So it was time to do a little bit of updating!

I should mention before we really begin that virtually every piece in this room has been thrifted, handmade,  or purchased second-hand, even the toys!  

My biggest splurge in the room was the little dresser, which I found at an antique store for $150.  But the cost of that far outweighs anything else in the room.  I purchased the wicker shelves at the thrift to house some of her toys, and painted them pale pink.

It's very difficult to get a good photo of this side of the room, with the light coming through the window...!

I mentioned that I was painting her toddler bed (it was originally just a standard white toddler bed from Babies R Us several years ago), and here's the result!  I couldn't resist also adding some vintage decals!  (There are closer photos down below as well.)  I found that quilt at the thrift-isn't it beautiful?

I moved our vintage tray puzzles in here, and it's her absolute favorite past-time!  She likes doing puzzles much better than taking naps, in fact, which I probably should have considered!

This blue chair is one of the only things in the room that was purchased new (from Home Goods), and even that was in another room before it was in here.

Her little dolly changing table, with princess shoes underneath, of course!

You've seen this shelf recently.  I spray painted the butterflies to match her bed.

If you follow my Pinterest boards, you'll recognize this idea for holding all the handmade dollies.  

Avery LOVES the little bunnies on her bed!

This bunny here is one of my all-time favorite finds- he is just adorable.  Actually, the piano and teddy bureau would probably be up there in my top ten, too!

A little curio shelf.  The prayer above was made by my mother-in-law from a vintage pattern.  You may remember the curtains from before Avery was even born!

Oh, how I love this little dolly.  I can't say Avery loves her as much as I do, but isn't she just the sweetest?

Another shot of our little puzzle-lover.  I found the little red play sink for $5 at the thrift, and it's the perfect size to hold all her puzzles.

Another embroidery by my mother-in-law!

Here's this cute little dolly bed again!

Cute shelves with vintage baby planters...

I love these quilted wall hangings that Kari from ArtsyMama sent me!

Another item in my top ten list is this embroidered wall hanging- sigh, I just love it...!  I keep all her scrapbooks/journals up here as well.

I've begun collecting Madame Alexander dolls and Josef figurines for her- they're in the shelf on the left.  On top of that is the very first doll I had in my childhood doll collection- the green Bradley doll, as well as two others I've found over the years.

A closer view of the art on her wall.  She loves kitties, so lots of the artwork reflects that!

Avery would like to thank you for stopping by her big girl room for a tour!  Please come back and play anytime!



Musings from Kim K. said...

Avery's bedroom is just spectacular. The decals on her big girl bed are the perfect touch.

I've been taking in all the special girly details. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all. You have filled it with some many precious things. The pictures on the walls are just darling. I have to comment that Emma owns the exact same teddy bear bureau. It's now in her closet (packed away), but it's filled with American girl doll clothes.

Beautiful job, Corey.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE THIS ROOM!!!!!! i am stealing soooo many ideas! you're so creative! where did you get the bed? did i miss that?

gabrielle said...

I love, love, love her room. Think the bed would be my favourite with the little embroidered pillowcase . I'd forgotten I even had a Bradley Doll as a child untill I saw Avery's. You have done an amazing job...and Avery looks so sweet in the little pink dress

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Such a beautiful room, I love all of the details and eclectic mix. The bed turned out beautiful.

ElizabethMJaocb said...

this is a beautiful room!!! i bet she just loves it!

My Vintage Mending said...

Corey this is like one of your beautiful art pieces. I could pin all the pictures and not get enough. Simply stunning. That bunny is amazing. It is one giant collage. You have nailed it. Thank you for putting into pictures what I see in my head. Avery is a lucky lucky girl....smiles...Renee

vintage grey said...

Avery's room is so beautiful and creative! I would have loved to have a room like this growing up! :) The embroidery wall hanging is stunning, as everything in the room! Oh, and the bed! Love it! Did you paint it and add decals, or did it come this way! I am in love! Thanks for sharing, and Avery seems like such a sweet little blessing! xo Heather

OliversForest said...

i am so jealous!! you have the best luck of anyone i know! ahhh... the bed turned out amazing! that red sink/puzzle storage.. i so want it!! and yes, that doll is the sweetest! avery is just so lucky!

birdie blue said...

avery's room is darling, corey. love all of your special vintage touches, from the chalkware lambs on the wall, the decals on the re-painted toddler bed, the thrifted quilt, and all of the fun vintage dolls.


ImagiMeri said...

Hi Corey,

I'm new to your blog, and all I can say is OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!! Your studio and Avery's room are just stunning! Your rooms are what I hope my rooms look like when they grow up! Avery is one lucky little girl.

I'd like to invite you to visit me, too, and if you're not already a follower please sign up and leave a comment on my post about my giveaway. I think you'd agree that if you won one of my sculpts it would fit just wonderfully in your home. Make sure you leave a comment on the previous post and not the current one.

Hugs, and new best friend,

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a lucky girl! And Avery is too! Love all your vintage touches. This was what I wanted to do with Baby Bee's room when she was a wee one. No one seemed to get it 11 years ago. I am utterly charmed! (and you're newest follower too)

Linda said...


Diane Mars said...

Everything looks so Vintage and so fun whimsical and delightful! I am sure your little one will have many sweet dreams in her "New" Big Girl room. Hugs, Diane

Stacy Gould said...

Hi I love so many things in this room. After pouring over all the info I couldn't find anything mentioned about the paper doll cut outs on your daughter's wall could you please tell me how you did those or where you found them?

Chelsea Ann said...

It's so fun to see her room transform into a "big" girls room. I adore the chair btw.
I'm curious how you go about hanging everything? It seems like you don't have everything on studs, especially the shelfs with the planters - any secrets?

Chelsea Ann

LBP said...

Avery's bedroom is like a dream! Oh MY GOODNESS! I would have loved to had that bedroom when I was little. I have that same Bradley doll in blue, from my childhood. My favorite part of the room is those adorable paper doll cutouts on the wall. This room is just incredible.


luci wallis said...

Well there are just not enough words for how great your daughter's bedroom is...I am 42 and I would love that room!!! Perfect~

Daniele Valois said...

Her room in unbelievable!!! Oh my goodness! So glad you got your girl Corey.

nadpip83 said...

What a gorgeous room but where did you get those paper dolls on the wall? They're lovely.

Unknown said...

I love the framed story book images and the paper doll with her dresses- hung on the wall :) Great job!

Sandy xox

Unknown said...

I love the framed story book images and the paper doll with her dresses- hung on the wall :) Great job!

Sandy xox

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Oh my gosh! That's a beautiful and very girly room. Amazing job. :)

Ludim said...

Beautiful! I love the paper doll cutouts on the wall! Do you mind sharing where those came from?

Crafty Quackery said...

All I can say is wow! There is so many little things that I would end up being in this room all day. Such wonderful dreams and dress up adventures to be had in that room.

Stopping by from I Am Momma. :)

iammommahearmeroar said...

Oh, what a sweet room. I love the pennant flags in the corner. AND she is a gorgeous little girl. Must be so fun to have that room done and it looks like she loves it. Thanks for joining the party Corey!


Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Coooreeeey!!! Ohhh emmm geee! I cannot cannot cannot even take the cuteness! I'm pretty sure I had seen these pics a while back..but I think it was a really busy crazy day, and I just never got the chance to come back and eat it all up!

Gosh!! Everything is just so so so wonderful! Magical even! Such a perfect room! Such a lucky little girl!! It's just the real life version of a Corey painting! :)



xo Jenny

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this, its like everything i love in one room! :D